Dreams…one day you will be true

I spent hours and hours today glued to my computer screen, rewriting the same two chapters, paging over to the statistics page of WattPad and my blog, then back to my story. 

My story has barely been posted online for a week and I’m already neck deep obsessed with the number of views – can I get an amen from my fellow authors? You know you’ve done it too. 

Thank god my friends and hubby came to the rescue with a “want to go to Barnes and Noble?”

There’s something absolutely beautiful about shelves upon shelves of new books, their covers hiding exciting stories. One day, my book will be on these shelves, whispering to you as you walk by, “Come join in the adventure within.” See, there’s a spot ready for it now:

An author can dream 🙂 and one day I will see it come true. It may not be with “Aurora”, or the next 50 books I write, but one day, it’ll be on that shelf ready to inspire dreams and adventures. 


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