Plotting Away

Take a break. After you finish your story. In-between drafts. Take a month or more to let your creative juices regenerate.

Have you heard this? I have…and I hated it whenever I heard it. But alas…it is true.

The benefits? Well for one, you forget your story, and when you do come back to work on the next draft, your eyes will be more able to pick up what it was missing before. You’ll have a fresh perspective.

Another benefit? Plotting the next book! It never ends doesn’t it? And it shouldn’t. Art is such an amazing passion because inspiration is always there…we just have to give it time and the opportunity to find us.

And I was pleasantly rewarded during my break. 🙂 found this beautiful photo:

The inspiration is going. I can’t wait to start on the next story. 🙂 but first, plenty of research to be done.

But first, first. Time to eat:


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