Blog-O-Vision: The Beginning – Your Voice is Cracking

Had to repost this. I think this post makes a FANTASTIC point that while it’s good to study the greats, it’s even better to write with your own voice. 

Why is JK Rowling so great? Because she has a unique voice. Agents, publishers, readers don’t want ANOTHER JK Rowling. They already have one. And unfortunately, by trying to replicate it, the result will be a poor, watered down version. 

But you know what isn’t? Your own voice. 

Take pride in your voice and your unique spin and perspective. Yes, all stories can be refined and improved, but stay true to you while writing. 

DISCLAMER: I’m new to the bloggy world, and have no problem being the center of attention unless put there forcibly. Blogging is much like public speaking, which means I’m likely to fall apart, thus, this may be a bit on the rambly side. Bear with me whilst I get the hang of this AND BACK […]


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