Why writing…Why, oh, why

There are times when I’m staring at my manuscript that I wonder why I ever wanted to write a story, wonder why I continue to write and rewrite, wonder what the point of all this is.  Nights spent pouring over a single word/sentence/paragraph. Days with my story plotting around in my head. Headaches, frustration, sleepless nights,…

Word Porn: Alan Bennett

  I absolutely adore this. No matter what endeavor you choose to pursue, do so with every fiber of your being. Do not wait for another chance. Do not do wait to do better next time. 

First Line Test: YA Part 1

Amidst posting advice from the writing conference I attended in February (which I have been slacking on lately—YEEKS!), I want to start a series of first line tests on featured novels at the bookstore. After posting these, I’d love to hear your feedback if the first line hooked you and why it did. The goal?…

Word Porn: Beau Taplin

There’s this great Facebook page called word porn that always posts excellent quotes that just hit me right in the gut. Here’s one I saw today and absolutely adore: I’ve never been one for small talk, and there’s nothing I love more than listening to experiences. So share with me :). Let’s get lost together.