Milestone Achieved! 

Wanted to mark this milestone. About a month ago, I accidentally deleted—well, overwrote—my fourth draft, losing major changes. It was heartbreaking and nausea inducing. I had my third draft, sure, so I wasn’t completely lost, but my third draft had errors that were fixed in my fourth and my fourth had new scenes and all that good stuff. So when I found that I lost it, I may have wanted to vomit. But that only lasted five minutes. Why? Because there was nothing I could do, and I was rewriting it anyway. 

So I picked myself up from the carpet, went to bed, and began the fifth draft the next day. And today, my dear friends, I have finished not only rewriting the lost manuscript but completing the tense change from present to past! WOOHOO!

Now tomorrow, line-by-line editing begins. This passion never ends does it? What a lovely passion indeed (no sarcasm in anyway, though now that I said that, it sounds semi-sarcastic). 

Anyhoo, happy writing! And may the cinco de mayo fourth be with you since I forgot to celebrate. 


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