Olivia Rivers’ Music Inspiration

More often than not, music has become such an inspiration for authors, and Olivia Rivers is no exception. Take a look below to see what music motivated Olivia from conceptual to publication. Hopefully some of these will inspire you also.

Official “Tone Deaf” Playlist

I’ve always needed music to write. Whether it’s punk rock or classical songs, I find music to be a powerful source of inspiration, and I always keep my headphones plugged in while I’m working on a story. While writing “Tone Deaf,” I pretty much lived off a steady diet of punk rock songs, alternative music, and lots of caffeine to top it off. Music has an energy that’s hard to capture in words, but I did my absolute best to fuel my muse and replicate it.

I listened to hundreds of songs while writing and editing “Tone Deaf,” but only a few of them had a lasting impression on the book. Check out the official playlist below if you want to know which songs made the cut!

  1. “Broken Ones” by Jacquie Lee
  2. “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” by Panic! At the Disco
  3. “First Things First” Neon Trees
  4. “The Great Escape” by Boys Like Girls
  5. “Feel Again” OneRepublic
  6. “Bright” by Echosmith
  7. “Fire” by Gavin DeGraw
  8. “Chin Up Kid” by Forever the Sickest Kids
  9. “Human” by The Killers
  10. “Nikki” by Forever the Sickest Kids
  11. “Broken Arrow” by The Script
  12. “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy
  13. “I Must Be Dreaming” by The Maine

Any of these songs make it to your official playlist for a story you are writing or have written? Or maybe, you have another great tune to share. Comment below!


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