Let’s Fall In Love

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One of the best things about living, for me, is getting to know other people. And I’m sure you can see the connection between listening to other people’s stories and writing. The more you become aware of the journeys people take and truly understand the chapters of their lives, the more well-rounded and vivid your writing becomes.

But even beyond that seemingly selfish reasoning, I just love to connect with people, to know the history behind who they are today. Sure, the simple things are nice to know. Where were they born? Any siblings? Favorite movie? And the most important question, Team Cap or Team Iron? But when one dives deeper, there’s nothing better than discovering what thoughts influence their actions, the things that shape their perception.

It’s amazing to see how multi-dimensional people are–and uniquely at that. Yes, we are all unique (insert eye roll for my obvious statement), but unique is such an overused term that we forget just how much depth there is to that word, and then ultimately, how much depth there is in each person.

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Some people may need a little push to open up, and the reason behind their inability to do so may introduce an interesting story, one that has molded them and affected them so deeply. Of course, I’m not talking about holding someone down until they tell you something. I think that might be classified as assault (lol). Semi-kidnapping?

Anyway, most of us have been taught not to talk about ourselves. So some may need a little encouragement. Don’t give up. Be kind. Be curious. Be genuine. And if you have it, give it some time.

I love seeing past the persona that people have built around themselves, past the illusion that society has molded them to become. Whenever someone opens up to me, shares with me their unique journey, a part of me falls in love with them. In love? Yes. Absolutely. Partly because they trusted me enough to let me peek into their soul, and the other part because of the chance to discover who they really are. And when they let me dive in? They take my breath away, and I welcome the overwhelming amount of emotion and truth and rawness that is there.

It’s a majestic thing when someone opens up completely to you. You see them for everything that they are–the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and all of that together, creates such an interesting and amazing person.

So if someone even allows you a small peek, honor the moment, honor their experiences, honor them. It’s no light thing to admit to someone else what is real and true.

So dearest readers, I challenge you to take some time out of your day and befriend a stranger. And more than just learning superficial details, “delve right into what is sincere and honest.” Do less talking and more listening. Note the way someone’s eyes brighten up or the downturn in their lips; note what affects them to their core, the good and the bad.

Learn. Be aware. And most importantly, listen, understand, and love ❤

Happy learning, dearest readers.


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