Dream Big. And Continue Dreaming

In February 2016, I attended the San Francisco Writers Conference and had the opportunity to sit down with an agent who represented the genre I wrote in. Who knew that it would be with the lovely Laurie McLean of Fuse Literary. It was during our breakfast together that we talked about my future goals which included becoming a published author (of course, right? ;p). But beyond that, I told her that I would love to become an agent, to one day gush over another author’s manuscript and help them fulfill their dream. Why though?

I wanted to be an author’s champion in an industry that felt so very lonely at times.

And that reason hasn’t changed one bit. In fact, it has only grown since that day.

After breakfast with Laurie, one thing led to another, and I began my reader internship at Fuse Literary. Can I tell you how excited I was to dive into the slush pile? To find the many amazing manuscripts that made my heart flutter, that kept me from sleep because I had to read just one more page? Months and months I worked with the amazing and kind Tricia Skinner until one fateful day…

Tricia and I were chatting on the phone, on the holy day of all days (football Sunday), and she presented me with the opportunity to join the Fuse team as an official assistant and (drum roll please) an agent-to-be. I was to be mentored by Tricia and Laurie! GAH! I was gushing. And pacing. And giggling. And dancing. Way too girly for the day dedicated to football.


One conference. ONE CONFERENCE! And several months of dedication. And VIOLA!

Let’s reflect it back to our writing passion:

Sometimes it’s hard to see where the work of today will lead to. Why are we working on another draft? What’s the point?

This whole working hard on our manuscript, nose to the grindstone, could lead to so many great opportunities several months, even years from now–opportunities that we don’t even recognize as a possibility. Just know that all your hard work is worth it.


The passion we chose isn’t an easy one. Oftentimes, it feels lonely. But like I’ve said before and continue to tell everyone, be your own champion. And keep on moving forward. Never ever lose that passion because the reward is there. It may not be in the timeframe you’re hoping for but it’ll come, just as long as you keep working hard and continue dreaming.

Dream Big and continue dreaming, fellow authors. And if you ever need a little positive push, reach out to me 🙂 I’ll be sure to do all I can to lift you up.

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