Enjoy The Journey of Today for Tomorrow Has Yet to Come

Three years and twenty-nine days—that’s how long it’s been since I’ve last posted. And this blog post couldn’t come at a better time.

When I last posted, I had just been promoted to Literary Assistant and Agent-in-Training at Fuse Literary. I was neck deep in the query box learning from my mentor—shout-out to the wonderful Tricia Skinner—and eagerly tackling whatever Fuse could throw at me. On top of that, I joined the production team of Short Fuse—Fuse Literary’s digital imprint—where I created marketing material and social media graphics for Fuse authors, including book cover design. In my personal endeavors, I was editing my manuscript, teaching digital art and digital creative programs, writing creative program manuals, practicing my fine art, and learning Italian and French.

I loved what I was doing. I was happily pursuing all my passions, taking time each day to grow—most of which were at a local coffee shop sipping on some yummy cappuccinos.

Then my life became even more full. February 2017 I became pregnant. That November, we welcomed our son into the world and I became a full-time mom. I think I was comatose for the first four months of his life (haha). Let’s just say he was, and continues to not be, the best sleeper. But his laughs, his smiles, his earnest desire to learn and curiosity about everything fuels my days and exhausted nights.

But because of this exhaustion, everything took a backseat. All my passions became secondary because a new passion assumed the primary position. But this new passion didn’t come with its own setbacks.

At first it was frustrating. Why couldn’t I think straight so I could edit this one line in my manuscript? Where was my inspiration to work on this art piece? Where was my time to learn the many languages I desired to become fluent in?

I was simply out of time and out of energy.

I fit in the query box and my digital designs as the little man napped—which in the early months was not very long (30-45 minutes tops! YIKES!). But as he got older, he began to nap a little longer during the day, sleep for longer stretches before needing a cuddle during the nights, and my time and energy started to trickle back in.

And today am I able to edit chapters and chapters of my book? Nope. Am I fluent already in Italian? Devo imparare di più. Or French? Fluent in eating baguettes. How are those art pieces? Blank upon blank pages and canvases.

Am I still frustrated?

Not one bit.

Three years and twenty-nine days ago, I wrote:

The passion we chose isn’t an easy one. Oftentimes, it feels lonely. But like I’ve said before and continue to tell everyone, be your own champion. And keep on moving forward. Never ever lose that passion because the reward is there. It may not be in the timeframe you’re hoping for but it’ll come, just as long as you keep working hard and continue dreaming.

I still believe those words today. That’s why I find such joy even when I haven’t been able to grow as I’d hoped, or be where I wanted to be today. Being a mom has been one of the biggest adjustments ever.

My mental capacity and time just isn’t there yet but it will be when the little man is a bit older. But you know what? That’s completely a-okay! I wouldn’t trade today for tomorrow because today with him is absolutely amazing and special.

It’s absolutely about living in the moment. About remembering to enjoy the journey rather than  living for tomorrow. For the next success. For the next “big moment”. It’s the little moments, the journey, that should be cherished.

And this applies to our writing passion.

Are you stressed because you haven’t heard back from those queries you just sent out? You constantly check your inbox, waiting and waiting. Maybe tomorrow they’ll respond? Or the next? Don’t sweat it. Continue editing your current work, or, even better, begin writing your next inspiration.

Are you watching the sale numbers on your published work? The money? The reads? The reviews? Remember you didn’t start writing because you wanted to make money—a bonus but not the main reason—but because you wanted to share this world that you envisioned, to place into words the characters that occupied your waking, and sometimes even sleeping, moments. Celebrate that you completed your work, that all those months, years, sleepless nights, exhausted days have finally come to fruition. You’ve done it! You are amazing.

Still haven’t finished your manuscript? Your journey has just begun! Don’t give up! Cherish each scene that comes to life. Find joy in the way your characters come alive and sometimes even surprise you.

Live in your current moment—wherever that may be.

Enjoy the journey of today for tomorrow has yet to come.

Cheers, my fellow writers, and may you find the joy in today.

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